“The book one thousand marks a turning in the carreer of José Carlos Ryoki de Alpoim Inoue. ‘And what’s now, Mr. President?’ a political-police novel marking the proximation of this fiction writer to the Brazilian reallity”.
Paulo Pestana, Correio Brasiliense

“It is not strange to find him writing in his PC from 6:00 to 2:00 a.m.”
Program “Fantastico”, TV Globo

“Together with the imagination and the gift of writing, what is special is his discipline and determination”.
Goulart de Andrade, in Comando
da Madrugada

Everything began 55 years ago, exactly on July 22nd 1946, in São Paulo, when Ryoki was born from a Portuguese mother and a Japanese father. Formed in medicine on 1970 and left it in 1986 to become a writer, editing his pocket books, under nothing less then 39 pseudonyms, because of his editor’s requirement.

His great cup of tea in that time was the police style, where the trams presented so much action, spying and treasons. However, he never stops writing about a subject he always were passionate: the far west. His novels of “bang bang” are true films that catch the reader from the first to the last page in such a way that, sometimes, the cars assembly plants companies used to forbidden their employees to get into with this books, because, they were able to leave the production line until they finish completely the reading.

In 1992, he made the releasing of his book A Bruxa at the International Biennial of Book (SP). Another landmark on author’s life was the publication, in 1993, in Japan, of his books Danger Connection: São Paulo – Tokyo, O Preço do Tráfico, Operação Amazônia and Sempre Há Esperança, turned to the brasilian-japanese people who lived in that country. In the next year, he implanted an Editorial Agglomerated of Pocket Books for South America, in Piúma – ES.

He was also editor and writer of the newspapers Farol do Sul Capixaba (Piúma/ES), Noticias do Japão (1992-93/SP), International Press (1993/94/SP – Tokyo), O Riso do Corujão (1996-97 / Campos do Jordão); of magazines Amazônia (1992 / Giparaná – RO), Letra Verde (1997-98 / Campos do Jordão) e Vertente (1997/São José dos campos – SP) and articles writer for several newspapers and publications, for six years.

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